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Available slots to order will depend on the commission.

I will ask for a deposit first before paying the rest. Deposit price depends on commission.


Chibis (Traditional) MOST POPULAR: 10USD FLAT PER CHARACTER- This includes a fully colored chibi with background and sometimes glitter added on (special copic glitter pens) The size of the image is about 6" in length and 4"inches in width. The image will also be mailed to you free of shipping charge.

Chibis (Digital): 10USD FLAT PER CHARACTER- Includes a Fully colored chibi with background. I draw big so you can request the size or I will upload it or send it to you at a standard size of 800px length
Samples:…… (the bg will be much more complex for the commission similar to the traditional styles)

Portrait Sketch (Thigh or Bust Up):15 USD FLAT PER CHARACTER. Will be mailed to you free of charge
Sample:… (Sorry this is a bit old)

Portrait Color (Digital or Traditional): 20-30USD Depending on how complex it is. This also includes background. If traditional I can mail it to you free of charge. I draw big so you can request the size or I will upload it or send it to you at a standard size of 800px length
Sample:……… (So sorry these are a bit old...)

Full Body Sketch: 15USD FLAT PER CHARACTER. Will be mailed free of charge
Sample:…… (Sorry these sketches are a bit old)

Full Body Color (Digital or Traditional) 20 and UP. This would depend on the complexity of the design. I draw big so you can request the size or I will upload it or send it to you at a standard size of 800px length. If traditional, I can send the full image to you. Sizes vary but it will be bigger than the chibi standard size of paper.

Simply PM Me or E-mail me at LemonTree_111 [@] Yahoo[Dot] Com
(the [] and spaces was added to prevent bots from e-mailing me)

In the e-mail or PM copy and paste the following forum down and fill it out.

LJ or DA Name:
DESCRIPTION: (Basically tell me what you want me to draw in detail)

Afterwards I will give you an estimate on pricing (if you requested something that is not of a Flat rate pricing).
Once you agree I will charge you the deposit price which is a portion of the total fee you will have to pay.

Once I am finished I will send you the file at the size you have requested or the standard 800px length size (width may vary depending on original size). For traditional, I will scan the image with a watermark as proof that i have finished your commission.

Then I will send you the invoice for the rest of the payment. (I am usually patient and will accept payment plans, though it must be discussed with me prior to making your deposit. I will not make a payment plan for the deposit )

DEPOSIT PRICING You are welcome to pay in full if you want.

Deposit is a portion of the full payment (ie. If you pay 5USD for a chibi you will only have to pay 5USD on the second invoice)

Chibis (Traditional and Digital): 5USD FLAT

Portrait Sketch (Bust Up):8 USD FLAT

Portrait Color (Digital or Traditional): 15 USD FLAT

Full Body Sketch: 8USD FLAT

Full Body Color (Digital or Traditional) 15 USD FLAT

I accept Paypal first and foremost.
I will accept concealed cash and money orders but I ill not ship the item until i have received the second payment in the mail.

~~I use Copics, Prisma, Color Pencils, Pens, Gel Pens and Copic Glitter Pens. I will occasionally use gouache or acrylic, but not usually.
~~I use Bristol Board instead of copic paper. Bristol board is much sturdier, costs more, and is just as copic friendly as copic paper.
~~Shipping will be Flat Rate and mailed at the US Postal Office
~~I will post update status or message you on how far I am.
~~I will NOT accept Hentai, Yaoi, Yuri, Gore images. Some nudity (if its tasteful or funny) will be accepted
~~I might sometimes mix digital and traditional (mostly for portrait and full body) but when you get your image in the mail you will be receiving both a print and the original piece.
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chiiyo-rin Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2011
commission this girl!! she is incredibly talented, and very humble!!
mine is the second traditional chibi shown, and i couldn't be happier! she's super creative, and her drawing style is so cute!
lemontree11 Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2011  Professional General Artist
Awww thanks :D
I'm so happy you like your chibi <33333
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Submitted on
September 4, 2011