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July 16, 2009
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What Does Love Mean To Me? by lemontree11 What Does Love Mean To Me? by lemontree11

What Does Love Mean To Me?

It is the emotion where if torn apart, opportunities are open: learning to love in many forms and in many more ways than before.

In other words, it's learning to grow and move on after a heart break. We learn to mature and learn from our mistakes. Not to mention realize that although we don't have that special love that we get from a certain someone, we still have the wonderful love of our friends and family, as well as learning to love oneself.

I hope you can see that with the idea of hearts floating about from a broken heart.

the trashcan with trashed hearts, are all the loves we have lost (friend, family, special love, pets, items). It does not refer to death, but sometimes we drift off from certain things and people and that's another form of love lost.

In general, it's all about the learning process, Love.
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mochirou Mar 9, 2010  Hobbyist Digital Artist
*U* this is a beautiful piece!
i like who the soft colours go well together and the textures!
and her outfit is soo pretttyy!
really love the simple yet nice feeling for the piece!

*admires admires*
lemontree11 Mar 10, 2010  Professional General Artist
Thank you very much :)
Row-chan Sep 26, 2009  Student Traditional Artist
woooooa *-*
very, very beautiful
lemontree11 Sep 26, 2009  Professional General Artist
thank you <3
This is beautiful, but homg, her arms are loooong *_*
lemontree11 Aug 21, 2009  Professional General Artist
yeah I have a bad habit of making arms long TToTT
If not the arms then it's the legs lol.
I was fawning over one of my friend's drawings and then she pointed out how extremely long the girl's arms were. Now every time I see a drawing, I look at the arms to see how long they are. It's redikuluz Dx
lemontree11 Aug 21, 2009  Professional General Artist
ha ha ha it's okay

I know it's not really in drawings, but In L.A I notice how many couples include one asian girl and one white guy in that order O.o

I can't help but look at that... and feel that i might one day fall into that gap xP
Pochi-mochi Aug 9, 2009  Hobbyist Artist
I'm sad that your piece did not place. D: Its design is very suitable for a poster and your artwork is clean [design-wise my entry is definitely lacking >_<]
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